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The Posture Restoration Program

The essential components of our Posture Restoration Program include:

Posture Restoration Program

Posture Affects Health

Posture Therapy has been proven to enhance communication between the brain and the body which means physiologically, the client begins to function better faster. Improved function leads to mental clarity, improved attitude and greater self awareness. The direct benefit to your center is: a more focused client who is more likely to make positive changes in their life.

posture-appHere's how we do it:

First, we perform a bio-mechanical and neurological exam, then take a posture screen picture, because that's our goal: to improve client posture.

With chiropractic adjustments we move the spinal bones to correct the posture 'ills', followed by a chair massage to help the muscles adapt.

We individually and group instruct our patients on how to implement passive exercises to retrain the spinal bones and their skeletal structure.

Just prior to discharge, we take a follow-up posture screen to see the progress and results.

Throughout this process, clients experience how their improved structure is making them feel really good, all while they learn to create new posture habits necessary for a lifetime of standing tall and proud.

The uniqueness of this program is so overwhelmingly positive, proactive, and results driven; it's easy to understand why clients show improvement on multiple levels: physically, mentally/ emotionally, and metabolically.


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